We are delighted to have Marguerite Buckley as Notary Public at Buckley & Company Solicitors

Marguerite was appointed Notary Public by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 2010. This award qualifies us to step up our legal representation from within the confines of Irish Law to an international stage to serve our clients in international or overseas business matters. A Notary Public signature and seal are acceptable at most overseas embassies.

With the Notary Public award, Buckley and Company can deal with almost all non-Irish legal documents on your behalf. Our Notary Public witnessing and seal is valid in legal documents across the world.

Functions of a Notary Public

  • Administer oaths.
  • Certify signatures.
  • Authenticate legal documents.
  • Taking affirmations and declarations generally.
  • Compose Power of Attorney and other legal documentation that requires the Notary Public appointment.
  • Taking Affidavits other than for the Courts.
  • Give notorial acts.
  • Issue notorial certificates.