Hello and Welcome to our new blog!

Working as a solicitor over the years, I have come across so many diverse and, sometimes, complicated personal situations. While each person obviously has their own individual issues, there are usually a number of common themes.

People come to me to discuss and get help on a wide range of issues such as making or changing their will, advising on what to do after a car or workplace accident, buying or selling a house as well as finding out more about government tax schemes that can help to get on the property ladder.

So, I have decided to publish blogs throughout 2024 to offer you informed insights into a range of legal issues that people tend to encounter at some point in their lives.

My aim is to draw on our company’s experience and expertise to give people an understanding of the complexities involved in specific legal matters and to shed some light on the steps they should take in a given situation.

Operating since 2000, Buckley & Company is a Mullingar-based solicitors’ practice focused on providing our clients with professional yet personal services.

Our team, led by principal solicitor Marguerite Buckley, includes experts on legal issues ranging from Personal Injury, Drafting of Wills, Probate/Administration of Estates, Taxation, Conveyancing – Residential Property, Conveyancing – Commercial Property, Mortgages and Remortgaging, Leases, and Property TaxAdvice.

Over the years, our specialised legal knowledge and expertise combined with our impressive success rate has helped secure our position as one of the leading solicitors’ practices in Westmeath and the greater Midlands area. Our aim is to ensure a successful and fast turnaround for any legal issues our clients present.

Buckley and Company has a reputation for excellence and a strong commitment to our clients. As part of that commitment, we will be sharing news, blog posts and case studies here on a regular basis.

If any of the articles relate to a situation you have found yourself in and you would like further information or advice, we would be very happy to help. Please call for an appointment with Marguerite on 044 9347655 or email info@buckleyandco.ie.